"Everywhere looks exceptional and the draft marks round the edges and  under the doors have completely disappeared, nice natural smell too, have already booked another job"
Mr S.A.H, Bentinck Rd (carpet cleaning Altrincham) 
"My job was turned down by 2 other firms but Abante provided the necessary and I am very pleased"
Mr Roscoe (Carpet cleaning Warrington)
"Very efficient service, great results and nice friendly guys"
Mrs Brew (carpet cleaning Wilmslow)
"Great service, great results, no problems at all, will use again"
Mr Andrews (carpet cleaning Alderley Edge)
"The best carpet clean I have ever had, Abante obviously give more care and attention to detail"
Mrs York, (carpet cleaning Winnick, Warrington)
"The suite has cleaned up better than expected and after a free trial on the carpets I have booked them in for next week, a great service"
Mrs Davies (carpet cleaning Knutsford)
"Just by chance I decided to get the opinion from Abante on my carpets since I was expecting to change them, I’m very glad I took their advice, I have now had them cleaned and very pleased with the results"
Mrs Ingram (carpet cleaning Sale)
"A very good service recommended by a friend, the suite and carpet were cleaned and they did not disappoint, excellent work and will use again"
Mrs Billington (carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning Culcheth, Warrington)

"Always on time and very thorough, the house is left stunning on each visit" 
Mrs Hill, Housewife (carpet cleaning Knutsford)
"I did not expect such a transformation, the service far exceded that from 2 other cleaning firms I have used in the past. The suites and carpets look amazing, thankyou"
Mr J. S., Company Director (upholstery and carpet cleaning Warrington)
"Professional job with superb results, appreciate the fine detail for such an extensive builders clean, client was very happy also, will definitely use again"
Mr Grimley, Builder (carpet cleaning Warrington)
"The carpet and suite look fabulous, bright and rich like when they where new"
Mrs Mc Keown, (carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning Pine Dale, Rainford, St. Helens)
"Very professional. We left a dirty office carpet in the evening and the next morning when we arrived the office areas where gleaming. Would recommend to anyone"
Steve, Express Mortgage Services Ltd. (carpet cleaning Wigan)
"Abante provided an out of the ordinary service, I didnt realise the extent of what could be done. Very dirty carpets left very clean and almost dry"
Miss Lee (carpet cleaning Altrincham)
"Very professional service, work always performed on time and to a high standard, wouldn't use anyone else"
Letting Agent (carpet cleaning Warrington)
"I have not had my carpets cleaned for 3 years but they have cleaned up like new, Richard from Abante was very courteous and provided an excellent service"
Mrs Lynn (Carpet cleaning Altrincham)
"We were very pleased with the cleaning provided and the Scotchguard service has been very useful too"
Mrs Birch (Carpet cleaning Knutsford)
"We thought of replacing the carpets but Richard advised that they were worth cleaning and saved us a lot of money, a very worthwhile service which many people may not know about"
Mr Barrow (Carpet cleaning Lymm, Warrington)
"My carpets have been cleaned before by other firms on several occasions but I was always disappointed, however this time I am very happy, a huge difference, thank you"
Miss Smethurst (Carpet cleaning Wilmslow)
"The suite cleaned up lovely and the technicians were very pleasant, ive booked them in again for some more work"
Mrs Yap (Upholstery cleaning Halebarns, Altrincham)
"My leather suite was cleaned and refinished which I didn’t realise was possible, an excellent service"
Mr Tipton (Upholstery cleaning Warrington)
"The carpets and suite look great, thankyou for all your hard work, will be using you again"
Mrs Xayavong(Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning Altrincham)
"Very happy with your service, thankyou and will definitely book you again"
Mrs Greig (Carpet cleaning Knutsford)
"A very thorough and very pleasant service, thanks again"
Mrs Halsall (Carpet cleaning Knutsford)
"Brilliant work, thanks again"
Mrs Brown (Carpet cleaning Sale)
"A great service and good value for money"
Mr Boyce (Carpet cleaning Sale)
"Thankyou to you both, a smooth operation and great results, come back after the decorating and clean the other rooms!"
Mr Sneath (Carpet cleaning Lymm Warrington)
"Thankyou for all your hard work with the stains, the carpets and leather look great"
Mrs Lindley-Grant (Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, Knutsford )

Areas Covered 

  • Carpet Cleaning Altrincham (including Hale, Bowdon, Timperley, Halebarns, Broadheath)
  • Carpet Cleaning Sale
  • Carpet Cleaning Wilmslow
  • Carpet Cleaning Knutsford
  • Carpet Cleaning Warrington (including Great Sankey, Penketh, Stockton Heath, Lymm, Callands, Old Hall, Westbrook, Winwick, Culcheth)
  • & surrounding areas

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